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AI News / August 30, 2023 / by admin

Health Insurance Chatbot Template

Insurance Chatbots: Use Cases & Examples For more insights about how the healthcare sector is using modern technologies, keep a close eye on our blog. And if you’re searching for a technology partner for your healthtech project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Patients can save their time and money when...

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AI News / August 7, 2023 / by admin

10 Steps to Create Conversational Chatbot Design

Building Your Chatbot: How to Design Flows Messenger also has a robust chatbot ecosystem with many quick keys and tools to rapidly build a Facebook Messenger Chatbot or chatbot for WhatsApp. The Messenger apps can give your bot some superpowers that you may want to take advantage of. Because of the massive shift to Messaging...

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AI News / July 11, 2023 / by admin

Differences between Conversational AI and Generative AI by purpleSlate

Conversational AI in 2023? Technology, Benefits and Examples Agents are getting asked some of the same questions all the time so they jot the answers on sticky note, so they’ll be ready when the question inevitably arises. Knowledge centers powered by machine learning already do a lot to alleviate this problem by delivering...

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AI News / June 29, 2023 / by admin

Modern robot online market website bot helper e-shopping commerce concept ~ Clip Art #94876303

Everything You Need to Know to Prevent Online Shopping Bots Shopping bots come to the rescue by providing smart recommendations and product comparisons, ensuring users find what they’re looking for in record time. Additionally, these bots can be integrated with user accounts, allowing them to store preferences, sizes,...

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AI News / June 26, 2023 / by admin

Natural language processing Wikipedia

What is newsworthy about Covid-19? A corpus linguistic analysis of news values in reports by China Daily and The New York Times Humanities and Social Sciences Communications Counting the unique words in our data gives an idea about our data’s most frequent, least frequent terms. Often we drop the least frequent comments to...

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AI News / March 17, 2023 / by admin

Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence

AI vs ML Whats the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? Deep learning is a subset of machine learning that deals with algorithms inspired by the structure and function of the human brain. Deep learning algorithms can work with an enormous amount of both structured and unstructured data. Deep...

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AI News / March 10, 2023 / by admin

An Intro to AI Image Recognition and Image Generation

Top 69 Image Recognition Software of 2023: In-Depth Guide Image classification is the task of classifying and assigning labels to groupings of images or vectors within an image, based on certain criteria. Images—including pictures and videos—account for a major portion of worldwide data generation. To interpret and organize...

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AI News / December 12, 2022 / by admin

Automatic text summarization based on semantic analysis approach for documents in Indonesian language IEEE Conference Publication

2 Sentiment analysis with tidy data This solution requires advanced expertise in data science, though it’s less time- and resource-consuming than building a sentiment analysis model from scratch. Not all companies can afford to build custom ML models for sentiment analysis. Fortunately, there are various off-the-shelf tools...

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AI News / December 8, 2022 / by admin

Chatbot Marketing: Boost Engagement & Sales with AI Chatbots

How AI-powered chatbots are transforming marketing and sales operations This feature allows you to change the chatbot name (support, appointment, or sales bots), display name, add a display image, and put the bot on the pages of your choice. You can even look for a chatbot that allows you to play around with the theme […]

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