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Narcissism and Alcoholism: Similarities, Differences, Diagnosis

It can feel impossible to escape this situation, especially if you care for that person. We hope this article helps you understand how to help a narcissistic alcoholic or addict. You can call American Addiction Institute 24/7 for expert alcoholism treatment and substance use disorder help. Narcissism is a personality trait where people may feel a need for admiration, show a lack of empathy, or be self-involved. It is typical for people to display occasional narcissistic traits, but a pattern of narcissism could be part of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), a mental health condition.

are alcoholics narcissists

In both NPD and AUD, childhood trauma — including abuse and neglect — may be a risk factor. Further research into the causes of AUD might help experts develop more treatment options. It’s worth noting that the DSM-5-TR doesn’t use the term “alcoholism,” but the term is still used colloquially to refer to AUD.

How to determine the cause of your loved one’s behavior.

There are no medications to treat NPD, but if you also experience depression or another mental health condition, a doctor may prescribe medications to treat the other condition. However, treatments like psychotherapy, group support, and self-care strategies can help people with either condition feel much better. People can misuse alcohol without having AUD or being addicted to alcohol. They might infrequently have bouts of excessive drinking, for example, but find that it doesn’t affect their life and that it’s easy to cut back on alcohol (or to stop drinking entirely).

While there are many options for treating alcoholism, there is no one-size-fits all solution. You may find that you need a more structured environment to fully treatment alcoholism or, because of responsibilities you have, you need more freedom. You can choose a solution yourself or work with our experienced and caring staff for a recommendation that best suits your treatment needs. When dealing with a narcissistic alcoholic, this sense of right can be elevated and can cause anger and even violence. Furthermore, the unpredictable and chaotic nature of alcoholism can create an unstable environment, leaving the partner or loved ones in a constant state of anxiety and fear. Trust may be broken, boundaries may be crossed, and emotional and physical well-being may be compromised.

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