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Sober living / June 13, 2023 / by admin

Alcoholic liver disease: Symptoms, treatment, and causes

As the liver no longer processes toxins properly, a person will be more sensitive to medications and alcohol. Alcohol use speeds up the liver’s destruction, reducing the liver’s ability to compensate for the current damage. Personal and psychosocial factors are also important because excessive drinking is related to...

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Sober living / March 15, 2022 / by admin

Alcoholic Neuropathy: Practice Essentials, Pathophysiology, Epidemiology

This damage prevents the nerves from communicating information from one body area to another. Sometimes alcohol causes such severe damage to the body that a liver transplant may be necessary. In that case, there may be some improvement in the symptoms...

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Sober living / April 22, 2021 / by admin

Narcissism and Alcoholism: Similarities, Differences, Diagnosis

It can feel impossible to escape this situation, especially if you care for that person. We hope this article helps you understand how to help a narcissistic alcoholic or addict. You can call American Addiction Institute 24/7 for expert alcoholism treatment and substance use disorder help. Narcissism...

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